ELECTROMAGNETIC-Field meters in the ELF and VLF regions ( 5 Hz to 400 kHz). Aimed at measuring fields that affect the human environment. EMF SAFETY SITE-affordable EMF meters and detectors, innovative EMF shielding solutions for the home and office, and a complete library of EMF information
AEGIS-AegisGuard Phone Radiation Shields-find out how to protect yourself from the effects of mobile phone radiation penetrating the head. QUANTUM ZONE-overview of electromagnetic fields and how they effect us, plus a product line of bio-field shielding devices.
TRIFIELD NATURAL EM METER, made by AlphaLab, Inc.-designed to satisfy the need for natural field measurements in specialized research areas. VITA TECH ENGINEERING-Electromagnetic Fields, EMF Surveys, Magnetic Shielding. Excellent information Well worth a visit.
PROTECTOR-New Anti-radiation health cover for cellular and cordless phones. EMF MEASUREMENT-three multiple function devices designed to satisfy the need to measure/detect EMF's.

ZEROPA-EMF Absorber for Cell Phones, Computers, Televisions and other devices. Site includes very large list of links to EMF and brain research.

RF SAFE DIVISION-Good source of information on RF hazards and products for protection.

"RADAR" -ELECTROMAGNETIC STABILIZER-from a company in the UK- "a general electromagnetic stabilizer. You get 100% protection from mobile phones, computers, microwave appliances, powerlines, office & home equipment."

EMF SERVICES-provides electromagnetic field surveys and remediation, land use planning analysis, and low EMF custom home design.

ENER-G-POLARI-T PRODUCTS-"dedicated to serving the general public with the finest Electromagnetic Protection Products."

ALPHALAB, Inc. Scientific Instruments - gauss meters, electric field and RF meters

SAFELEVEL.COM- Gauss Meters and Shielding Devices

RADBUSTERS-inexpensive devices that are designed to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

SAFECELLUARPHONES.COM - "This site provides only the best products on the market for RF Safety." Secure Shopping Website.

STOP-WAVES - Stop-Waves is the only technical invention worldwide, designed to counteract your cellular phone's electromagnetic radiations, by using the physics principle of phase shift.

BALANCED ENERGY - Creative Development
Research (CDR) presents the latest in protection
against EMF pollution.

EMF REDUCER - Canprev 450-"A protection against low frequency EMF's radiated by electrical appliances.

ULTRA-TEK CONCEPTS -The T-1 Takyon Capsule-It creates a protective force field approximately 3 feet in diameter when worn around the neck.

ADVANCED TACHYON TECHNOLOGIES- Distributor of advanced tachyon products.