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EMF LINK-provides substantive information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment, communications facilities, cellular phones, and computers. ELECTRIC WORDS-site from Stewart Fist, excellent source of information concerning Cell phones and your health. Check out the link entitled "Dr George Carlo's Letter".
THE WAVE GUIDE- EMF effects-links to sites that represent many perspectives on this issue. Excellent resource site EMF INFORMATION SERVICE-the question of the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, is a controversial one.
MOBILE PHONES-The radiation from these phones may be dangerous. Details from this site in Sweden. MICROWAVE NEWS-"The world's most authoritative source on EMF health risks."
CELL PHONE RADIATION-compares the radiation levels of many popular celluar phones.


CELLUAR PHONES AND CANCER-mounting evidence that exposure to this kind of electromagnetic radiation may not be as safe as advertised.

CELLAUR PHONE ANTENNAS and Human Health-excellent resource from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

CELL PHONE SYSTEM & HEALTH -from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

BRIDLEWOOD EMF Bibliography Revised and Updated by Pamela Schreiner Since March 2000

ELECTROMAGNETISM & LIFE- by Robert O. Becker and Andrew A. Marino. Entire book is online at this site.

RADIATION AND HEALTH PHYSICS-The Univ. of Michigan's EMF info site.

BIOELECTROMAGNETICS 2000-Health Effects Update-The Latest Information, Contacts, Technical References.

EMF QUESTIONS & ANSWERS- An excellent site. If you are new to this field of study then this is the place to start.

MORE EMF Questions & Answers- Loaded with info- Excelent resource.

BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS of Electromagnetic Fields-excellent list of links to scientific papers. POWER WATCH-more about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their reported adverse health effects.
EMF WORKING GROUP REPORT-Assessment of Health Effects from Exposure to Power-Line Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields-the views and expert opinions of the Working Group which met in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, 16-24 June 1998. EMF MEASUREMENTS DATA BASE-a project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy through the EMF Research and Public Information Dissemination (EMF RAPID) Program.

CELL PHONE TOWERS - Health effects associated with cell phone towers in communities. Article by Dr. Neil Cherry.

ACHRE Report-Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments- full report is on line at this DOE site.
EMF RAPID-a review of much of the government sponsered research into the effects of 60 hertz EM fields. EMF,ELF,& RF RADIATION-Politics, Science and Education from Arthur Varanelli-Great site contains a HAARP Cam-This is a must visit!
EMF GURU-discusses the debate which has surrounded the EMF Health Hazards issue from the beginning.

NCRP "Draft Recommendations on EMF Exposure Guidelines" - title says it all.

AEGISGUARD-Phone Radiation News Articles And Papers since 1 Jan 2001.

NON-IONIZING RADIATION - a quick self study course.
TAOS HUM - that low throbbing sound heard in quiet locations throughout the US. The source is still a mystery. MORE TAOS-HUM-Congress directed scientists to look into a strange low frequency noise heard by residents in and around the small town of Taos, New Mexico.

MICROWAVE OVENS-Outlines the dangers of the use of microwave ovens - Are people ignorantly sacrificing their health in exchange for the convenience of microwave ovens?

EMR NETWORK - Citizens and Professionals for the responsible use of Electromagnetic Radiation.

ELECTROMAGNETISM & LIFE - by Robert Becker and Andrew Marino - synthesizes the various aspects of the role of electricity in biology, and emphasizes their underlying unity - the entire book is online at this site.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on EMF Issues and the EMF Bioprotection Technology.

ELECTROMAGNETIC ANISOTROPY-an in-depth, and hopefully illuminating, description of scientific work in the field of electromagnetism.

Static Electric and Magnetic Fields and Human Health: Questions and Answers

EMF AND YOU-Australian Study on the Effects of RF Radiation By The National Radiological Protection Board.

MICROWAVE HARASSMENT-directed-energy based surveillance and anti-personnel systems have suddenly leaped off of physicists' drawing boards into the world of reality.

BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND - Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today.

MIND CONTROL - contain documents, links, references, and commentary related to mind control.

MIND CONTROL-a archive site loaded with articles.

MIND CONTROL & MK-ULTRA-very interesting article about the mind control projects that have been conducted over the years.

MORE ON MK-ULTRA - Well researched article by Jon Elliston, Dossier Editor,