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Journey beyond the boundaries of your beliefs and values and discover a different world of new possibilities.
HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW PARADIGM- is composed of several volumes of messages said to have been telepathically received from an advanced Ultra-Dimensional race. Complete book is online. (view this material with discernment)
EXPLORATIONS Into The Nature of Reality-The most complete and comprehensive archive available on the internet. CREATIVITY POOL - a global database of ideas, solutions and future inventions. If you're in need of an idea, go ahead and help yourself, if you have one to spare, simply submit it to the database.
NEURAL CORRELATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS-A number of proposals have been put forward concerning the nature and location of neural correlates of consciousness. MEMETICS-the study of ideas and concepts viewed as "living" organisms (Memes), capable of reproduction and evolution.
JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON CONSCIOUSNESS-electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain. JOURNAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES-A peer-reviewed journal in plain English which draws on psychology, neurobiology, philosophy, AI, computer science, and the humanities.
PROBLEM OF CONSCIOUSNESS-Facing Up To It-by David J. Chalmers-"Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind." CONSCIOUS CREATION JOURNAL- a bimonthly online magazine that discusses reality creation, metaphysics, and consciousness.
QUMRAN LIBRARY-The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship-Dead Sea Scrolls-an Exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. A great site, loaded with info and images. THE GNOSIS ARCHIVE-"the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means." It is a big site, filled with lots of information and texts. Well done and
very informative.
SPIRITUALITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS-a site where you can read other peoples thoughts on consciousness and then add your own, if you so desire. GNOSIS- A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions devoted to the exploration of the spiritual and esoteric paths.
CONSCIOUSNESS PAPERS- an online directory of 302 papers. Fantastic source of information on consciousness. LAYMANS GUIDE TO BRAIN CHEMISTRY-the title says it all. "Joy, grief, love are all biochemical". Well worth a visit.
JOURNAL OF MIND AND BEHAVIOR-100'S of articles covering the many aspects of mind and consciousness.
CELESTINE VISION-official web site of James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy. REMOTE HEALING-Remote Healing has been used by many cultures for thousands of years.
THE MERU PROJECT-25 years of research by Stan Tenen into the origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and its underlying mathematical structure. THE MACROCOSM WITHIN- Is there an energy which allows life to exist and which permeates all existence?
AN EXPLORATION OF RESONANT BEING-reviews the role sound plays in the religions, creation myths, and sacred technologies of various peoples. GOSPEL Of THOMAS-it is clearly Gnostic in nature. It is supposedly the "secret sayings" of Jesus, and is intended to be esoteric in nature.
EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD-The html version of this famous book. It explains the ancient Egyptian's view of death and afterlife. IMMORTALITY AND MORTALITY-Secret Arcane Truths regarding the paradox of immortality and mortality.
SPIRITEXTS-a pioneering site exploring and celebrating the, spirituality-technology interface. HIDDEN MEANINGS-"Explore our pages and you will be treated to new ideas that make sense."
ENCHANTED MIND-combines humor, inspiration and fun puzzles to teach creativity. A fun site to visit. PROBLEM OF CONSCIOUSNESS Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind.
THE MONROE INSTITUTE- fosters the greater understanding of consciousness through practical explorations and coordinated research efforts. LABYRINTHINA - Labyrinths, Ancient Mysteries & Prophecies, Sacred Andean Sites, Ley Lines & Vortices, Stone Forests, etc.
OTHER WORLDS-journeys of the mind, body and soul.

GENERAL THEORY OF RELIGION -Using system dynamics to model and simulate the cognitions and perceptions of a mystic just before the experience of mystical union.

HUMAN ENERGY FIELD in Relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health.
READ Part 1 READ Part2
SCIENTISTS' TRANSCENDENT EXPERIENCES (TASTE)- an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported.
PRIMORDALITY.COM - "The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness" - bringing together some of the brightest minds on our planet - read online or download "The Sorcerer's Handbook To The Void".

DIRECT SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE - "The Bridge From Understanding To Knowing" - The Universe, Life, Consciousness, and Man-Himself.

CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH LAB - focuses on controlled laboratory studies of such experiences as mind-matter interaction phenomena, distant healing, clairvoyance and precognition.

ALCHEMICAL MANUAL For This Millennium - free full book on a new concept of science - thorough and detailed in its theory and engineering procedures - presents a "new-old" way of thinking.

UNIFIED REALITY THEORY - demonstrates that the source of reality is a universal consciousness, and that we are in no way separable from that source. Portions of the book are online for review and you can download the entire book for a small fee. PROJECT RENAISSANCE- offical web site of Win Wenger, PhD. - You are brighter than you think! - Far brighter......
GOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT - an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. WORLD SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS - an archive of 100's of articles discussing theosophical perspectives on world spiritual traditions. You could spend weeks exploring this site.
ATOMIC SOUL - The Reunification of Science and Religion by William Lauritzen - "An answer to a question that has plagued philosophers for many millennia."

CHILDREN'S PAST LIVES LIBRARY - Articles and Cases on Reincarnation - 18 cases are archived at this site.

"THE ROSICRUCIAN MYSTERIES" by Max Heindel - Entire manuscript is online at this site.

KRISHNAMURTI - Official Site of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.

AFTER-LIFE KNOWLEDGE - site is dedicated to sharing what engineer, author and lecturer, Bruce Moen, has found, hoping it will increase your after-life knowledge.

SYNERGY PHYSICS - defines the concepts of body, mind, and soul in terms of fundamental physics constants. Proposes a new model of metaphysics.

JOAN OCEAN'S WEB SITE - she communicates with the dolphins - interesting reading with beautiful graphics.

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