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INFINITE ENERGY-"Cold Fusion Goes Commercial" even in the face of continued widespread skepticism that the phenomenon even exists! FEDERATION OF AMERICAN SCIENTISTS-is a privately-funded non-profit policy organization. This site is loaded with files to research.
THE MILLENNIUM MATTERS-repository for things millennial; for information on, sources regarding, and personal revelations about the times just ahead of us. TAOS HUM - that low throbbing sound heard in quiet locations throughout the US. The source is still a mystery.
ENERGY SCIENCE.COM-secrets of the new energy science-the 21st century will witness a revolution on the energy front. PORE-Public Orgone Research Exchange - an opening through which orgonomy information can flow.
ULTIMATE REALITY - synthesis of particle physics, cosmology and vedanta, aiming at a quantum field theoretical description of consciousness. BEAM ME UP-An experiment confirms that teleportation is possible--at least for photons.
DISTANT STAR - The Electronic Magazine of the First Millennial Galaxy - A lot of information on everything. NO PULL ONLY A PUSH -a non-mainstream general model for the mechanics of gravitation.

ELECTROSTATIC PENDULUM EXPERIMENT-The violation of Newton's third principle implies consequences that can be tested experimentally.

THEORIES OF THE AETHER-to draw together in the one place various theories of, or reference to, the "ancient cosmic aether".
THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN-Presents extensive information about the revolutionary energy machine technology innovated by Joseph W. Newman SCIENCE CAN BECOME HOLISTIC-a possible Utopia-article by David S. Devor, Project Mind Foundation
KEELYNET-Free Energy, Gravity Control & Electronic Health PROJECT OMICRON is "the first serious gravity control research project on the Internet."

NEUROPHONE- Dr. Patrick Flanagan's electronic device transmits sound through the skin, by-passing normal hearing.

FLANAGAN Technologies-more on Flanagan's work

DOWSING-what is it? It is an ancient art of searching for hidden things.

COLD FUSION Technology Homepage-News and articles from the frontier of new energy technology! Cold fusion is alive and well in respected laboratories across the world. LAYMANS GUIDE TO BRAIN CHEMISTRY-the title says it all. "Joy, grief, love are all biochemical". Well worth a visit.

THEORIES OF THE AETHER- 46 online articles relating to the emergence of scientific theories of the cosmic aether.

FIBONACCI NUMBERS AND NATURE-if you are, or ever where, interested in Fibonacci Numbers, this is a must visit site.

QUANTUM TELEPORTATION-a site from IBM research-worth a a visit.

TAPPING ZERO POINT ENERGY-by Moray B. King-the possibility of tapping energy directly from the fabric of space.

AETHER (ETHER), GYRONS AND THE PHOTON - an alternative to the current unsatisfactory situation in physics and philosophy, By Frank Meno, Ph.D.


LIVING ATOM THEORY-on-line textbook that describes a fascinating revolutionary theory, far off of main stream science.


BRITISH COLUMBIA SCIENTIFIC CRYPTOZOOOLOGY-vey well developed site and worth a visit if you are interested in this subject.

CRYPTOZOOLOGY REPORTS-a colection of reports from Ron Schaffner.

MYSTERY ROCK?- I have put this page on my site in an attempt to help a friend gain some knowledge of a very interesting rock in his posession. CHECK IT OUT!

HYPERSPACE-The Universal Hologram-a very long, online
article that attempts to describe hyperspace in layman terms.

HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE PROGRAM-describes the activities of the DOE Hybrid Propulsion Program being managed by NREL.

WHAT ARE TACHYONS? - article by Dr. Hans A. Nieper

MORE ON CLONING-an in-depth look at all sides of the cloning debate.


GEET FUEL PROCESSOR-"takes gasoline or diesel and converts it into Hydrogen on demand inside the engine. Also reduces pollution up to 99%"

A HISTORY OF THE WARFARE OF SCIENCE WITH THEOLOGY IN CHRISTENDOM-to aid in letting the light of historical truth into the decaying mass of outworn thought.

CLONING-A SPECIAL REPORT-Everything you always wanted to know-from "New Scientist".

STONES OF FIRE-Noted astronomer Tom Van Flandern, discusses the 'exploded planet' theory, asteroids and comets.

RIFE TECHNOLOGIES-offers a do it yourself manual on constructing the Rife/Bare device. Here you can find a rather lengthy explanation of what the patent pending R/B device is, and how it works.
ENERGY SCIENCE-an insight into the science of space, energy and creation. An educational site operated under the direction of Dr. Harold Aspden.

QUEST FOR OVER UNITY-the search of Overunity and Electro-gravitation, and to share the results of experimentations in these domains.

GRAVITY, INERTIA & RADIATION HOMEPAGE-Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces by Stanley V. Byers

FORESIGHT INSTITUTE- a nonprofit educational organization formed to help prepare society for anticipated advanced technologies.

GRIDWORKS UNIVERSE-latest information on the research of Bruce Cathie into the world energy grid, energy harmonics, and the unified field.

ETHERIAN DREAMS-Vortexian flow, Magnetic spin, Inertal motion, Electrostatic spark, Tesla coil archive, and more.

THE HERESY OF THE AETHER-by Harold Aspden- a substance formerly believed to fill all space and to be responsible for trasmitting electromagnetic waves.

ROYAL RIFE-A Brief History of The Universal Microscope, The Rife Ray Treatment, Rife's proofs of Pleomorphism and Some Implications of Rife's findings.

3 TOM BEARDEN ARTICLES- "Chasing The Wild Dragon"; "The Master Principle Of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines"; and "Update On The Takahashi Engine"

BIOENERGY Information Network-a gateway to information about fuels and power produced from biomass.

COSMIC ANCESTRY-"Life comes from space because life comes from life."

BEYOND EINSTEIN-A first glimpse of a postmodern physics, in which mass, inertia and gravity arise from underlying electromagnetic processes.

TAMASHII PROJECT- working on the final engineering stages of the development and application of a single particle gravity-resonance unit called the Tamashii Drive.

PARRADIGM SHATTERING Web Page-struggle to understand the true nature of reality-from Todd Breda.

EDIBLE BRAIN-a site dedicated to the advancement of thought and alternative views of our universe.

MIND UPLOADING - Examines the science behind the science fiction concept of "mind uploading" -- i.e., copying one's brain into a computer.

FINDING PLACES OF POWER: Dowsing Earth Energies, Ley Lines, Water Lines, Ley-Line Power Centers, Dowsing

SHIFTING THEORY OF GRAVITY-It is offerd seriously, but in fun - to stimulate "the little gray cells."

SEARCH FOR PLANET X - chronicles the modern astronomers' search for the tenth planet as compared to that of the Sumerians.


CENTRIPETE-an experiment with a Water Vortex Generator for water purification.

PLANETARY BIOLOGY-A theory that consolidates scientific knowledge from many disciplines and focuses it onto the life-bearing worlds.

FUZZY BLOBS hold the secret of gamma-ray bursts. Read NASA News Release of 10 Feb 99.

BESSLER - information on Bessler's wheel with original drawings and translations of the text keys.

THEORIES OF THE AETHER-traces the development of Tesla's understanding of Vedic Science.

PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS IN 2000 - John Mosley-Griffith Observatory - A lot of people want to know what is going on, so the Griffith Observatory has established this page with all the details and links.

TESTIMONY OF Jay O. Keller Hydrogen Program Manager Sandia National Laboratories before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Science. (Hyrdogen powered vehicles)

ARE PARALLEL UNIVERSES REAL? - A Hotwired Debate, cleverly done site, worth a visit.

HYPERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS- based on geometric and mathematical foundations which involves other spatial dimensions.

LUNAR ANOMALIES- to obtain supporting evidence that will either confirm or refute the claims with regard to the apparent presence of ancient and presumably extraterrestrial artifacts on the Moon.

ASTEEROID & COMET Impact Hazards-Site from NASA AmesSpace Science Division. Excelent information, including explanation of the Torino Impact Scale.

SEVEN EXPERIMENTS That Could Change The World-a new relationship of cooperation between professional scientists and non-scientists.

ALTERNATIVESCIENCE.COM-An alternative view of scientific discovery by controversial writer, broadcaster and journalist Richard Milton.

EARTH/matriX- Science in Ancient Artwork & Science Today- dedicated to the preservation of human knowledge in the arts and sciences.

NEW ENERGY FUELS, INC.-designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion systems for electronic and electrical systems. The Nu Energy Fuel Cell will soon bring benefits to a wide range of applications.

DIGITAL BIOLOGY -This site tries to explain to laymen a radically new approach to biology.

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