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LUXON THEORY-the cause of relativity, mass, energy,and the law of conservation of energy.

ANCIENT MYSTERY SOLVED??-A new investigation into the legend of Bessler’s wheel. An alternative energy???
POLLUTION-FREE Energy Generator -a claim that a perpetual motion device that does not break the first and second laws of thermodynamics has been designed. FREE ENERGY PAGE-Free Energy Antigravity website by Rick Todish
JOSEF HASSLBERGER WEB SITE-an attempt to catalyse energies for change. The economy, physics and technology are in dire need of renewal. INSTITUTE FOR NEW ENERGY-Advanced Energy Conversion, New Energy, Free Energy, Zero-Point-Energy, Rotational-Electromagnetics, Earth Electromagnetics, and more.

ELECTRIFYING TIMES - The International Magazine of Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Fuel
Cells, Batteries, Alternative Fuels,
Electric Car Racing & Exhibition.

exoSCIENCE-Check out David Watanabe's redesigned exoScience home page. Worth a visit.


BRUCE DEPALMA SITE-to disseminate knowledge and accurate data relating to the Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe. PLANETARY MYSTERIES-is dedicated to the research of new paradigms in science and art; and breakthroughs that are bringing about new understandings of our past, present and future.
KEELY NET-Mirror site, contains much of the original material with over 20MB of data. Bruce Harvey's Alternative Physics Site - "Re-writes" the laws of Physics from about 1900 to the present.
THOMAS TOWNSEND BROWN-This site is dedicated to Thomas Townsend Brown, an American physicist whose work was greatly under acknowledged by the general scientific community. A CRITICAL REVIEW-of the Available Information Regarding Claims of Zero-Point Energy, Free-Energy, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices.
COLD FUSION-a list of links to sources of cold fusion info available on the net. COLD FUSION TECHNOLOGY-See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold.
ZERO MASS ENERGY-this site contains some unique and interesting ideas. Also great graphic of Yoda. ELEKTROMAGNUM-devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially the possible explanation of gravity/inertia by EM.
RIFE TECHNOLOGY HOMEPAGE-about the re-creation of a relatively unknown therapy device.
INTRODUCTION TO COSMOLOGY-the study of the origin and evolution of the Universe-from GSFC, NASA. COSMOLOGY TUTORIAL-from Edward Wright, PhD., Vice Chair for Astronomy at UCLA.
VICTOR SCHAUBERGER - The Water Wizard - his theories in the main were diametrically opposed to the so-called established facts of science and he fought a running battle with academia.PHYSICS MYTHS & PHYSICS FACTS - "Flaws in Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics"

THE PARADIGM CLOCK -website for the Paradigm Research Group - By Stephen Bassett

THEPUMP.ORG - development and implementation of very efficient water pumping technologies that do not require an energy source to operate. Very interesting site.

MUSEUM OF UNNATURAL MYSTERY - cyberspace museum of bizarre science.

SKEPTIC MAGAZINE-a view of reality through the eyes of an Objectivist.


AMERICAN ANTIGRAVITY - a new type of field-effect propulsion technology that provides thrust without expelling mass.

THE TAMASHII PROJECT-Gravity control, time segmenting, resonance frequency application and elemental spectrum charting.

GYROSCOPIC INERTIAL THRUSTER-This website is a detailed description of a tested and proven "reactionless" inertial propulsion device.

MATTER-ANTIMATTER - Turning the Star Trek Dream into Reality by understanding matter & antimatter.

SEASKY-a non-commercial, non-profit Web site dedicated to sharing the splendors of our fragile oceans and the wonders of the universe

CENTER FOR FRONTIER SCIENCES at Temple University-helps foster greater openness to scientific study of areas such as the mind-matter interrelationship,alternative and complementary medicine, bioelectromagnetics, unresolved issues in quantum physics, and new energy technology.


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