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VALLEY OF THE KINGS - Complete interactive atlas -for the first time ever, information on ancient Egypt is freely available. Site went online 1 Aug 2002.

MYTHINGLINKS- Mega site- from Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., developed for graduate students in mythology and psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Worth a bookmark and many visits.

EVIDENCE for Astronomical Aspects of Mankind's Past and Recent Climate. Evidence for major impact events in our history.

ATLANTIS and the Earth's Shifting Crust-Is Plato's famous account of Atlantis a holographic fragment, a
sliver of a once common view of the world?

ASTRO-ARCHAEOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Cognitive archaeology a technique to be utilized in modern archaeology. Interesting concept. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-An Interview with David Dearborn, an astrophysicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
STAR TEMPLE- "As modern students of Ancient Religion, we have found that religions from all over the world have many curiously similar often identical mythologies." SECRET OF DEATH-The Ancients Called It Division-"A stunning new hypothesis on Life After Death, based on long-lost early Christian Gospels unearthed in Egypt in 1945."

WEB INDEX- Over 50 links to information on the stone circles of the British Isles.

AWARENESS QUEST- researches and catalogues information on Archaeological Anomalies in Australia.
THE MIAMI CIRCLE-latest archaeological find- Is it 2000 or 10,000 years old? Interesting information, check it out. ANCIENT CITY-NEAR DALLAS, TEXAS-was an Ancient city built by a civilized race thousands of years ago?

REAL HISTORY ARCHIVES-offers a vast array of documents, articles and links to additional materials to aid serious researchers find the truth about our history.

EGYPTIAN DREAM-This site is dedicated to Ancient Egypt. A special attention has been given to the texts and to the design of the site.

MYSTERIES OF CATALHOYUK-To explore the mysteries of why people started domesticating animals, living in cities, and growing food.

"REVELATIONS On The History Of Mankind"-investigating the Big Plan: the conquests of the first ten Inca Kings during the First Inca Kingdom.

CREATION/EVOLUTION-A site with a "HUGE" list of links to web sites that discuss the creation/evolution controversy.

ARK OF THE COVENANT-Links to over 25 web sites discussing this subject.

knowledge of 18th Dynasty-Egypt's
relationship with the emergence of Israel.

ZECHARIA SITCHIN-A site dedicated to Zecharia Sitchin and The Earth Chronicles.

EGYPTIAN MEDICINE-Ancient Egyptian Medicine, known by Egyptians as "the necessary art", has two main aspects: medical and magical.

GIZA PYRAMIDS-Describes the works of a variety of pyramid researchers who disagree about the age, design, and use of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
.PHARAO'S PUMP-How the Great Pyramid functioned as a Water Pump! Interesting theory - worth a visit. STONE PAGES-ancient stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows, and hillforts oF Europe. Ten years in the making.

CANAANITE MYTHOLOGY FAQ- a complete coverage of who and what were the Canaanites.

THE MOABITE STONE-discovered in Dhiban, Jordan, in 1868-What does the Moabite Stone reveal about the revolt of Mesha?

CREATION OVERVIEW- A look at the Hebrew version of the creation of the world and of man.

EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY-discusses the individual deities and the development of Egyptian religion over time. An extensive site.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM-its true origin has baffled astronomers, historians, and theologians for the past two millennia.

COMETS AND THE BRONZE AGE COLLAPSE article that was published by the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies in 1992.

THE RAMAYANA-The Epic of Rama Prince of India. This story is set in northern India, 1200 - 1000 BC.-a good set of notes and a good summary.

GATES TO BABYLON- From Clay Tablets To Digital Treasures- a tribute to Mesopotamia, its myths, religion, gods and goddesses.

PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER-Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries.

FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY-A chapter from this amazing book which describes a Hidden History of the Human Race. MICHAEL CREMO AND FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY-by far the most exhaustive link on this subject featuring the author himself.
NUMBERS OF THOTH-by Andrew A. Bourmistroff- a quest for the hidden properties of the pyramid as "pure" geometrical design and Hermetic figure. OTSF.ORG- little known stone temples on Malta- The Mediterranean's Earliest Civilization?
THE EL-AMARNA LETTERS-found in the remains of the ancient city of Akhetaten ETCSL- Catalogue of Sumerian literary compositions
PYRAMIDS OF MEXICO-and the civilizations that built them!-the concept of Mesoamerica.


LET THERE BE LIGHT-the Official 'Alan Alford Website', author of the 'Gods of the New Millennium' .

SITCHIN.COM-The official web site of Zecharia Sitchin.

THE GOD'S OF EDEN-some documents relating to the thesis put forward by William Bramley in his book "The Gods of Eden".

FROM GODSPELL TO GOD GAMES-Paper delivered by Neil Freer as invited speaker, Zecharia Sitchin Day, last day of International Association For New Science Conference
THE WANDS OF HORUS- by Valery Uvarov-"a publication intended to bring to a wider public the recent results obtained from the study of the legacy of Ancient Egypt." Complete book online.

SAGE WITHIN - Site devoted to the Grail quest- "Few legends have captured the imagination of the Western World like the Holy Grail."

WHAT IS ARCHAEOASTRONOMY? - A brief introduction from the University of Maryland's Center for Archaeoastronomy.

SUBTERRANEAN TUNNELS & THE HOLLOW EARTH - Article by David Hatcher Childress - an investigation of the fantastic Inca tunnel system.

THE GOLDEN AGE PROJECT-"to provide a down to earth, commonsense base for all those open minded people who seek the highest standards of information on human origins."

ANCIENT CELTIC NEW ZEALAND- discusses the existance of megalithic stone circles in New Zealand-revolves round the work of author Martin Doutre.

ALMA AND YETI- "The Wildmen of Asia"-In Siberia and China and in the mountains of the Himalayas, live two races of mysterious hairy wild people. Called "Alma" by the Chinese and Soviets and "Yeti" by the Nepalese and Tibetans.

IN SEARCH OF SEAMAN - an American-led team begins the search for the elusive Seaman. Was the Sphinx built to honor Seaman?

TOP 10 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS With Advanced Technology- an interestingarticle by David Hatcher Childress.

ALL ABOUT 2012 - A collection of links, all of which, discuss the year 2012.
STARCHILD PROJECT- An analysis of a unique skull of uncertain orgin found in Mexico.

MYSTERIES OF CHACO-mysterious Stone Age culture that vanished in the semi-desert region of the Southwestern United States.

THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN OF THE CAROLINA BAYS-a re-evaluation by J.Ronald Eyton & Judith I. Parkhurst
WHEN THE SKY FELL - speculates that Atlantis became Antarctica when the earth's crust shifted.

THE DEEPER TRUTH - Do Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Enshrine the Image of Christ? "Uncovering the Missing History of Egypt" by Richard Russell Cassaro.

COSMIC MYSTERIES OF MITHRAS by David Ulansey-the astronomical teachings of the ancient Roman "mystery religion" of Mithraism.

SERPENT MOUND MYSTERIES-Unravel the secrets of the Great Serpent Mound and associated ancient sites in Ohio and the eastern United States.

ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS-research by Peter-R. Koenig-A detailed historical field research on the psycho-sociology of a secret society called Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).

SACRED TEXT ARCHIVE - a freely available non-profit archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics.

SECRETS OF THE PHARAOHS - peer inside the inner sanctum - excellent site from PBS.

LABYRINTHINA- Labyrinths, Ancient Mysteries & Prophecies, Sacred Andean Sites & Machu Picchu, Ley Lines & Dowsing Earth Energies, the Hollow Earth, and Goddess Lore.

CREATION MYTHS-Creation Myths of the World- excellent summaries that allow for easy and rapid comparison.

ALTERNATIVE HISTORY -The Offical Robert Bauval Web Site- The Sphinx Debate, The Orion Mystery Debate, Secret Chamber, Mars Mystery and much more. DARK STAR THEORY- takes a radical new look at the mythology regarding the 'Winged Disc', a Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian symbol.

GREAT PYRAMID AND THE PI FACTOR - is this a "sculpture" of a photon "at rest" and its secret Pi dimension? Also discussion of the "Star of Bethlehem.

DAVID TALBOTT INTERVIEW - conducted by "Aeon" Journal of Myth and Science. Discussion of his views on catastrophism and our fundamental re-thinking of the past.

SHAMBHALA-Is there really a hidden galaxy of minds living in seclusion in an inaccessible part of Asia, or is it merely a myth?

HISTORY OF STONEHENGE- Stonehenge was built over a long period, the work spanned seventy generations - some 1600 years.

RETURN OF PLANET X - site contains a section on the search for Planet "X" and a vast amount of information relating to the theory of "Ancient Astronauts".


THE LID OF PALENQUE- Describes astronomical anomalies inscribed into the lid of a sarcophagus found in the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico.

THE MILL OF TIME-Celestial Cycles And Ancient Mythological Science-the purpose of this article to provide a solution to the long-standing mystery of the "Star of Bethlehem".

ARCHAEOLOGY IN BELIZE-Maya History on Ambergris and Surrounding Area. The Maya past, present and future are an important part of the Belize experience.

ALAN ALFORD - Offical web site- widely recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient mythology, mysticism and the origin of world religions.

SIRIUSLY PYRAMIDS-Mayan America-information and photos.

CENTER FOR ARCHAEOASTRONOMY-The study of the astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, religions and world-views of all ancient cultures.

DROPAS STONE DISCS - discovered on the borders of China and Tibet by a team of archaeologists - Were the makers of the discs the inhabitants of another planet who crash landed in the Baya-Kara-Ula mountain range? SOLOR FOLKLORE - For centuries, humans have attempted to explain the Sun in terms of their own worldviews. A collection of myths from around the world.



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