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THE DAILY GRAIL-Alternative history mega time. Updated almost daily. A must bookmark site. VALLEY OF THE ANCIENTS-Ancient Civilizations; Magic, Beliefs & Prophecies; Gods, Goddesses & Myth; and Ancient Mysteries.
"DOWN UNDER" HISTORY - did Homo sapiens sail to Australia 176,000 years ago? GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA-one stop source of data on this marvel of the ages.
PAPYRUS ARCHIVE-provides electronic access to texts about, and images of, 1,373 papyri from ancient Egypt. THE ORION MYSTERY-positioning and detailed structure of the Giza Pyramids are accurately related to the constellation of Orion.
ATLANTIS: New Hypothesis-Questions of whether Atlantis has ever existed, and if so, why it vanished, today continue to arouse as much controversy among scientists as ever.

ATLANTIS QUEST - "A no-nonsense down to earth approach to the problem of the existence of the land of Atlantis".

DOLMEN PATH - a window to the Russian megalithic world. Most of them are located at the North-Western part of the Caucasus mountains.

THE GREAT PYRAMID-from the American Institute of Pyramidology-The Ancient Mystery Unraveled.

FOSSIL HOMINIDS- intended to refute creationist claims that there is no evidence for human evolution.

NEW DISCOVERIES- Linking the Great Pyramid to Human Form

IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CIVILIZATION- the official Graham Hancock web site. Author of "The Fingerprints of the Gods", "The Sign and The Seal, and "Message of the Sphinx". Site includes a Gallery of excellent photos by Santha Faiia.

DEEP SECRETS - a new and controversial explanation for the rationale behind the exterior design parameters of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

ATLANTIS FOUND?-a novel theory on Atlantis that will, if accepted, cause a revolution in the fields of archaeology and the human sciences. WAS PLATO`S ATLANTIS A MEMORY OF MINOAN CIVILIZATION?-there has been no shortage of controversy about whether or not Atlantis existed, where it was located, and how much of it was accurate.
TWO THEORIES About the Location of Atlantis -summary of 2 books with alternative theories about the location of Atlantis. ATLANTIS AND OTHER TALES-Recent findings about catastrophic collisions of the Earth with comets and Apollo-like objects are reviewed.


EVIDENCE ON THE REALITY OF ATLANTIS-independent evidence provided by ancient authorities on the matter.
AGE OF THE SPHINX-Startling new evidence from Giza thus rewriting the history of human civilization. HOW OLD IS THE SPHINX?-Startling new evidence from Giza appears to prove that the Sphinx was built over 10,000 years ago
HISTORY OF THE GOLDEN AGES- This information is not based on any New Age channeling or psychic recall or manifestations. It is primarily based on many ancient writings found around the world.

TEMPLE OF MU - A mysterious building lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Could it have been the Temple of Mu?

ARCHAEOLOGICAL IMAGES- Clive Ruggles collection of some 1100 images of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest.

MYTHS & LEGENDS-title says it all-huge site that will keep you busy for days.

AMERICA'S MYSTERIOUS FURNACES - Old World technology 2,000 years old. How did it come to exist in Ohio?
THE UPUAUT PROJECT-site contains a complete scientific report about the investigation of the so-called "air shafts" inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

HISTORY OF THE ANCIENTS-A history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, with resources on other periods of historical interest.

EMERALD TABLES OF THOTH - A literal translation and interpretation of one of the most ancient and secret of the great works.

CRICHTONS CROSS - find out how Ancient Mankind measured the Earth and the Stars, built pyramids and crossed oceans in prehistory.

Mark Millmore's ANCIENT EGYPT-Excellent site, loaded with photo's, diagrams and data.

THE GIZA DEBATE-a report on this fascinating conference presented by Quest For Knowledge Magazine.

EARTH ANCIENT HISTORY - the author's book is online here, plus archives of many ancient texts.

CARTHAGINIANS IN THE NEW WORLD - A radical theory by Roy Decker on ancient contact between ancient Carthage and the Americas.



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