2D Animation Software


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2D Animation Software


CreaToonNon-free, but interesting 2D cell animation program, free demo available.

DogwaffleFree Animation and Paint program for Windows.

GIFconstruction setWell-known program for building GIF images and animations. Runs on Windows. 30-day trial version avialable. Windows.

Microsoft GIF AnimatorFree program to create animated GIF's, including comments and transparency. Windows.

MonkeyJamFree animation program for Windows. MonkeyJam is a digital penciltest program, designed to let you capture images from a webcam, camcorder, or scanner and assemble them as separate frames of an animation. You can also import images and sound files already on your computer. Although it is designed for pencil and paper, MonkeyJam can also be used for StopMotion animation and has several features just for that. Movies created in MonkeyJam can be exported as AVI files.

Movies 12 GIF Animator. Freeware, Windows.
Contains 98 animation wizards including text and actor wizards.
Edit existing animations, create new from imported images or from images created with integrated Movies Draw. Features: GIF explorer, GIF optimizer, quick backgrounds, smart shape (100 shapes with 25 gradient fills, rotated text etc.), animate selected frames; 3 free floating actors for creating cartoons; actor and text wizards;actor paths;



AVI to GIF and GIF to AVI converters.

http://www.retas.com Retas! Non-free. 2.5D digital animation production system: digital drawing, pencil test, line trace, ink & paint,
compositing & special effects.

The TapptoonsLinetester 2003Freeware animation program for Windows. It enables animators to input images using a flatbed scanner or video camera to view as an animated sequence and to edit the result using up to seven levels of animation with the option of outputting the result as an AVI file.

ToonzNon-free. 2D Cel Animation software for feature films, video, commercials, multimedia and web animations. Designed by traditional cel animation artists and producers Toonz precisely traces the steps of
hand-drawn animation, giving you the familiar tools and process and all the efficiencies and options of a digitized medium.


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